Burger King Decides To Not Take The Chance Of Horse Meat Ending Up In Its Whoppers

Burger King has decided to end its relationship with a meat processing company in Ireland that, last week, was among those found to be churning out some beef products containing small amounts of horse meat.

The company tells the AP that its decision to cut ties with the meat processor is a “voluntary and precautionary measure” and stresses that it’s not an issue of food safety. After all, Burger King says its patties are 100% beef, so it would only seem right to take measures to insure that statement is true.

For BK fans in the UK and Ireland, this may mean a brief shortage in the availability of Whoppers and other beef items at the fast food chain. Though we’re sure most of these people would rather go without Burger King for a while than be unsure about whether they are eating cow or horse meat.

The processor in this instance was one of at least two identified by food safety officials as selling beef products that contained at least trace amounts of horse DNA. One sample, from a Tesco supermarket, was found to contain 29% horse meat.

The announcement has led to a recall of millions of beef patties from stores in the region.

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