Dear N.J. 7-Eleven Customers: This Store Is Neither A Drive-Thru Nor A Drive-Into

We’re not sure if there’s been a lead-foot epidemic spreading or if retail stores are just begging for drivers to crash through them by virtue of those big, glass storefront windows, but we do know it’s been happening a lot lately. A 7-Eleven in New Jersey is a recent victim of this “Why drive up when I can drive through?” trend, when a car smashed through the window and wound up inside.

It didn’t just nudge the front window or end up with its nose inside, nope. says the car hopped the curb in front of the 7-Eleven on Saturday and wound up all the way inside the store.

The town’s rescue squad president says this isn’t the first or even the second time a crash has occurred at this location, it’s the third.

“But usually, they just put the nose through the front. This is the first time I’ve seen the whole car go into the store,” he said.

No one inside was hurt and the driver is also apparently okay, a major boon as the store could’ve been hopping on a Saturday afternoon.

The driver has company in our recent tales of driving through store windows, including the person who crashed into a Chicago Apple Store and one of our favorites, the man who drove into a pizza place and ordered a pizza afterward.

Car drives all the way into Somerville 7-Eleven []

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