Our Third Month With A Broken Washing Machine: Thanks, Sears Repair!

It’s absolutely shameful that consumers can spend four figures on a home appliance, but only expect to get a few years’ use out of it before it breaks down. Andrew’s experience with his Kenmore washer is exceptionally bad even by modern appliance standards. When the door latch on his Kenmore washing machine broke, he never thought that he would still be without the use of his appliance two months later. He’s fortunate that he can afford a low-end washing machine machine to hold his family over while they wait for the repair that will never come. Will the repair ever come, or will he have a $350 hold on his credit card forever?

I purchased a beautiful and expensive Kenmore front-load washer on 3/19/2011.

The door latch broke on 11/18/2012, I called that night and set up a repair appointment for 11/27. On 11/27, repair-man visits and I had to pay $345 to have them repair a broken part [door latch] and scheduled the appointment to fix it on 12/8.

  • I get called on 12/7 saying the part is on back-order with NO ETA on when it will be ready? My family has not been able to do laundry since 11/22! I tried to escalate and they CANNOT deliver a loaner washing machine until this part shows up, which they have no idea when it will show up.
  • I have been forced to purchase a new low-end temporary washer from Sears until the part shows up.
  • [A] from the “the executive office” calls me, and calls me weekly now, to give me status updates, as if that is going to make me feel better, but all she can tell me is the same thing the regular Customer Service Reps were telling me. “Still no ETA” BUT they would be happy to allow me to return the new washer I just purchased from them. Why would I do that? Then I would not have any washer again. So ridiculous.
  • So here I am, heading into the third month with a really nice washer with a broken door latch taking up space in my laundry room, and a “temporary” low end washer I was forced to purchase while I wait for a part that Sears has admitted they don’t know if it will ever be manufactured for me.
  • Meanwhile, Sears will hold my $350 for a fix that may never happen, because if I ask for my $$ back, they have to cancel the parts order.

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