Would You Pay $100 To Give Mark Zuckerberg A Piece Of Your Mind Via Facebook Message?

Oh hey, Mark.

Oh hey, Mark.

Here’s a way to make some cash — how about monetizing the ability to send Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message on the social network? Facebook says it’s trying out some “extreme price points” to allow people to pay for their messages to be seen by others who aren’t on their friends list. Which means instead of a missive reading “Yo, what up?” going to Zuckerberg’s “Other” folder, he might actually read it.

It was one thing when Facebook introduced the idea of sending a message to a non-friend for $1, but apparently The Zuck is worth more. He is a cajillionaire, after all.

Some users who try to message Zuckerberg are seeing an option to have the note go to his inbox, says Mashable, which tried messaging him from multiple accounts. They posit that only non-followers of Zuckerberg get the $100 option. I’m not a follower of his and when I try to send him a howdeedoo, that choice is absent. So he clearly doesn’t want to hear my thoughts on life.

A Facebook spokesperson says these “extreme price points” are an effort to figure out the best way to filter spam, so that companies can’t just spend a ton of money and start hitting up our inboxes.

Facebook could have a golden goose here — if all of Zuckerberg’s 16 million followers paid to get in touch with him, well that’s a nice little revenue stream, wouldn’t you say?

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