Facebook Wants To Kill Game Invites And The “Other Messages” Folder, Users Rejoice

messagerequestWe have good news and bad news when it comes to Facebook features. The social media platform is getting rid of two almost universally-disliked features: the “Other” inbox that hardly anyone used, and the ability to send your friends game invites that they probably don’t want. However, the replacement spam-filter could be more annoying than the existing solution.

The “Other” inbox used to be where messages from anyone you aren’t friends with would go. Its replacement is less like a spam filter and more like a ringing phone with Caller ID: you’ll receive a notification designed more for the mobile “Messenger” app giving you the name of the person who wants to message you and some basic profile information.

Meanwhile, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told attendees at a Q&A at the Indian Institute of Technology that users in India had alerted him to the extent of the problem, and that ditching the feature would be a priority for the company at some point in the future. He didn’t say when or what the notifications would be replaced with, but it’s true that Facebook games are less popular than they used to be.

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