Does Your Home Need A Window-Cleaning Robot? Good News!

Future glass-cleaning overlord.

Future glass-cleaning overlord.

As predicted, there isn’t a whole lot of exciting news out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As a person who looks forward to our future total dependence on robots, however, I was excited to see footage of the Ecovacs Winbot 7 in action. The Winbot is like a Roomba that sticks to windows, and supposedly zooms up and down them, cleaning all the way.

Supposedly this is the first window-bot that doesn’t require a magnetic anchor on the other side: handy for cleaning tall windows when you don’t have access to the other side without a ladder, or at all.

We can’t wait until our scientific cousins down the hall at Consumer Reports get their hands on one to test it out. Until then, here’s a video.

CES 2013: The Winbot 7 does windows so you don’t have to [Consumer Reports]
Winbot [Ecovacs]

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