T-Mobile Will Include Taxes And Fees In Advertised Prices, Refund Light Data Users

T-Mobile Will Include Taxes And Fees In Advertised Prices, Refund Light Data Users

Today at CES in Las Vegas, T-Mobile announced two new proposals that its competitors may or may not copy: charging customers the advertised price without adding taxes or fees to their bills, and offering customers who use very little of their “unlimited” data allowance a rebate. [More]

Ford Putting Amazon’s Alexa In Cars

Ford Putting Amazon’s Alexa In Cars

We already have connected cars and infotainment systems that can call our friends, change the radio, and offer directions to destinations. But that’s yesterday’s tech, at least for Ford. The carmaker is apparently taking a scene straight from the classic Knight Rider series, to include its own KITT — via Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant — in vehicles starting this summer.  [More]

Faraday Future Unveils Latest Electric Vehicle, FF91

Faraday Future Unveils Latest Electric Vehicle, FF91

It looks like Tesla has some competition in the high-end electric vehicle field: startup automaker Faraday Future unveiled its first commercial electric vehicle targeted for production prior to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday.  [More]

On the left is the alleged knockoff from Changzhou, which currently sells for $550 on Alibaba, about 1/3 the price of the $1,499 Future Motion Onewheel on the right.

U.S. Marshals Raid CES Booth To Seize Alleged Knockoff Scooters

We’ve seen lots of odd things at CES International over the years — live kangaroos, stormtroopers, boxing matches, Seth Rogen — but one thing we’ve never seen before is U.S. marshals seizing knockoff products for alleged patent infringement. [More]

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Diet App Claims To Help You Watch Your Weight By Scanning The Molecules In Your Food

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: new diet plans — or at least, you might be promising yourself to stick to a new diet plan. But it isn’t easy, which you know if you’ve ever sat staring longingly at the last piece of cheese on the plate, wondering whether it will totally screw up your resolution to finally lose just five more pounds. A new app and its connected smart device claims it can do just that, scan your food and let you know whether or not it’ll lead you from your chosen diet path. [More]


Monster Unveils New Headphones, Declares Return Of Boombox, Teases Partnership With Bentley

After taking a break from his high-energy emceeing duties at CES 2015, Monster CEO Noel Lee (and his blinged-out Segway) returned to the CES International stage this morning to declare that “Monster is back in the game,” with the company re-entering the gaming world and announcing some sort of partnership with luxury carmaker Bentley.


LG Refrigerator Has Door That Becomes Transparent When You Knock On It

LG Refrigerator Has Door That Becomes Transparent When You Knock On It

Most of LG’s Tuesday morning was given over to ooh-and-ah displays of its big, beautiful, super-thin (as skinny as 2.5mm), Ultra-HD OLED TVs, but we’ve all seen really large, expensive TV sets displaying vibrant images. The company’s more novel innovations were shown off during the tail-end of the event, when LG showed off its new line of premium appliances. [More]

Quantum Dots Are The Hot New Thing At CES. So What Are They, And Why Should You Care?

Quantum Dots Are The Hot New Thing At CES. So What Are They, And Why Should You Care?

TV’s are getting bigger and better every year, while also getting thinner and lighter. That’s good, but even as resolution increases by leaps and bounds, there have been some trade-offs in performance. This year, though, a new tech with a name right out of science fiction — the quantum dot — is the buzzword promising to be the solution to that problem. [More]

A desktop 3D printer on display at the MakerBot booth during the 2015 CES.

3D Printers: Should They Be In Every Consumer’s Home?

It would be an understatement to say that 3D printing is a big draw at the 2015 CES. The industry is well represented with small startups and well-known companies shilling the latest and greatest technology for creatively minded consumers. But aside from jewelry makers, hobbyists and educational institutions, we’re left wondering why would the average consumer want a 3D printer and what would they actually use it for? [More]

The higher-end Music Flow products from LG. The sound bar is a 7.1-channel surround speaker with an included subwoofer. No prices available on any of these yet.

Is LG’s Music Flow The Sonos-Killer It Could Be?

Over the past few years, Sonos has come to dominate the business of wireless, web-connected speakers, but the devices come at a pretty steep price with the least expensive Sonos retailing for $199, and the cheapest available full surround sound option running around $1800. But here at International CES, LG is showing off what it believes is a comparable set of speakers that the company claims will cost “significantly less.” [More]

Samsung president and CEO BK Yoon presented the keynote for CES 2015.

Samsung CES 2015 Keynote: The Internet Of Things Is Here And There’s Pretty Much Nothing That Can Stop It

Here are the things we learned from Samsung’s CES 2015 Keynote address Monday evening: CEO and president BK Yoon has a lot of executive friends, the Internet of Things is already here, soon our entire lives will be “connected” and Back To The Future II references are getting old. [More]

Volkswagen introduced the Golf R Touch, a high-tech concept car that functions like a smartphone on wheels.

Volkswagen Unveils Smartphone-On-Wheels Concept, Integration of Apple And Android App Systems

Volkswagen’s first ever appearance at CES press day culminated in the unveiling of the Golf R Touch, a highly intuitive, infotainment vehicle that sounds more like a smartphone-on-wheels than an actual car. [More]

Toyota announced it would make patents related to fuel cell technology available to competitors royalty-free.

Toyota To Offer Royalty-Free Use Of Fuel Cell Patents To Jump-Start Production Of “Hydrogen Society”

Toyota didn’t exactly announce any new products at its CES press conference on Monday, but the company did give a gift to its competitors: royalty-free use of its hydrogen fuel cell patents. While some companies might feel the need to fiercely guard such game-changing technology, officials at Toyota say sharing the information could mark a turning point in automotive history. [More]

Toyota Plans Commercial Release Of Hydrogen Fueled Mirai This Fall

Toyota Plans Commercial Release Of Hydrogen Fueled Mirai This Fall

Alternative fuel-loving consumers received a bit of good news Monday during Toyota’s CES press conference. The company plans to offer its hydrogen fueled vehicle – Mirai – for consumer purchase this fall. [More]

Shaquille O'Neal announced Monster's newest wireless speaker, the SuperStar BackFloat, during CES. He then attempted to drop a beat while Monster director of product development Vern Smith dropped it like it was hot.

Monster Announces Waterproof, Floatable Speaker; Thinnest In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Monster press conference at CES was filled with all of the things we’ve become accustomed to from the headphone and audio company, including celebrity appearances and new product unveils. But one aspect of the typically amusing showcase was noticeably absent: founder and CEO Noel Lee and his gold Segway. [More]

Netflix announcing the Recommended TV program at the LG press conference earlier today.

Netflix Announces “Recommended TV” Evaluation Program

Since its inception, Netflix has been trying to personalize content recommendations for users, but it’s remained relatively neutral about which devices you should actually watch this content on. But today the company announced the launch of a “Recommended TV” program that will single out certain brands and models of smart TVs that Netflix believes offer the best options for viewers. [More]

LG Claims Its Newest Curvy Smartphone Is Tougher Than The First One

LG Claims Its Newest Curvy Smartphone Is Tougher Than The First One

Last year, LG (or as I still call it, Lucky Goldstar) revealed its curved G Flex smartphone, which got some press but didn’t help the company overtake Apple or Samsung in the market and didn’t lead to a slew of imitators. But LG isn’t giving in, launching the G Flex 2, which it claims is both curvier and tougher than its predecessor. [More]

LG Figures Out What To Do With Washing Machine Pedestals — Put A Small Washer In Them

LG Figures Out What To Do With Washing Machine Pedestals — Put A Small Washer In Them

For years, washing machine makers have been upselling consumers on pricey but pretty much useless pedestals to put under their front-loading machines. At best, these products have been expensive metal drawers that save your back by forcing you to not bend over as far. But this morning at International CES, LG introduced a novel idea — stick a smaller washing machine in the pedestal. [More]