Man Doesn’t Realize He Is Entirely Too Old To Throw A Tantrum Over Cheese On His Burger

There are some things worth getting cranky about but having your food order messed up happens to everyone. And know what, 35-year-old man in Pennsylvania? You are too old to throw a temper tantrum because your McDonald’s burger came with cheese instead of without. We doubt being charged with assault will take the sting out of that slight, either.

The York Dispatch says the man was so riled up over the misplaced cheese, he threw a highchair and knocked over a trash can at 11 a.m. in the morning on the day in question. So dramatic.

Things got more serious when an employee followed him out of the restaurant to get his license plate number. Cops say at that point he wrapped his arms around her to stop her and grabbed her cellphone from her hand because she was trying to call 911. He threw the phone across the lot and drove off.

Now he doesn’t have the correct burger and he’s being charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Next time a simple, “Please remake my burger,” will probably be a better choice.

*Not the burger in question.

Police: Charges filed for man’s McTantrum over finding cheese on his burger [York Dispatch]

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