Of Course This Ginormous Box Was Necessary To Ship A Package Of Staples

Image courtesy of Plenty of room here.
Plenty of room here.

Plenty of room here.

Based on some of the outlandishly large boxes stuffed with layers of paper or an overabundance of inflated plastic packing material, we’ve got to surmise that certain retailers just don’t know about padded envelopes. They must be unaware of such shipping material, otherwise there’s no logical explanation for sending a $1.35 box of staples in such a ridiculously huge box.

Tobias (love the name, BTW) wrote in to share a picture of the staples he purchased from a third-party seller on Amazon. There are a few funny things going on here, he says.

It arrived in a Sam’s Club box (which greatly confused me), with a huge amount of empty space inside. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the box is about 8″ deep. I can’t help think that the cost of shipping was several times what I paid for the staples ($1.35). At least the box of staples arrived intact!


Gotta love the fact that Tobias isn’t mad — after all he can now staple away all his worries — but perhaps it’s time for all etailers and retailers to get a clue and learn about oversized envelopes.

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