Kmart Goes Above And Beyond To Help Mother Of Triplets

Having one young child can be a hassle (or so I read on Facebook every day), but having triplets makes everything that much more complicated. So it was a great relief for one Consumerist reader when her local Kmart went out of its way to help her in her search for three car seats.

Katy tells Consumerist that her triplets are just about to outgrow their infant car seats, which means she would need to find three new seats that would also fit into her vehicle.

As she soon found out, buying three of the same car seat is not as easy as it sounds.

“Since most people buy car seats in ones and twos, finding three of a kind was more a challenge than I anticipated,” she tells Consumerist. “Back it up against the holiday season and I was just about pulling my hair out.”

Even Amazon only had two of her desired seats in stock.

She thought she’d stuck gold when she found the seats on Kmart’s website, only to have her order canceled immediately because the item was out of stock.

Rather than trek from store to store and having to deal with getting her kids in and out of the car at each stop, Katy called her local Kmart, where there was only one in stock.

“I explained my predicament to the kind lady on the phone and she said that they’d call around to other stores to see if there were any more in stock,” Katy says.

After a week without a reply, she was about to give up hope.

“Then we got a call, two more had come in and they had three,” Katy tells Consumerist. “I went in and they not only brought out all three and help me load them in my car, but gave me a 10% discount on all three of them. They had called every Kmart in Maine and had some sent from hundreds of miles away and then gave me a discount… This made it so the total with sales tax and everything was under $300 for all three, which was awesome.”

She adds, “I know it doesn’t seem like much, but when you have a hard time getting out to go shopping and there’s a million things going on, having employees go above and beyond to make your life that much easier makes a tremendous difference.”

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