If You’re Not Happy With A Handyman’s Work, Kidnapping Him To Do More Repairs Is A Bad Idea

If you saw it in a movie you wouldn’t believe it. A couple in California are accused of taking a handyman hostage and forcing him to do fix-it jobs around the house, apparently because they were unsatisfied with his previous efforts.

According to CBS 5, the pair of perps allegedly lured the handyman to a house, where he says they beat him and threatened to kill him if he didn’t do some repair work, including fixing a broken door and the dishwasher.

That part of the ordeal went on for six hours. But it wasn’t over just yet.

Police say the suspects then forced the handyman into his truck and the trio began driving over to a relative’s house for additional repair work.

But when the alleged kidnappers stopped at a gas station to fuel up and buy some snacks, the handyman was able to make his escape.

Police tell CBS 5 that the handyman had previously done work for the male suspect’s mother, but that it didn’t go well.

“The work wasn’t performed to the likes of the suspect’s relative at the time, and on top of that there was dispute over services rendered, the victim wasn’t paid entirely,” a Sheriff’s rep tells CBS. “That kind of boiled over into what occurred last night.”

The two suspects now face charges including false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and conspiracy.

They should probably just have given the handyman a really nasty write-up on Yelp and been done with it.

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