When Customs Seizes The Cocaine And Meth You Sent Via FedEx, Don’t Call And Ask Why

Image courtesy of (zonaphoto)

In general, we support complaining to a company when you didn’t get what you paid for, no matter how small the amount. It’s only fair. Even we have to admit, though, that a California man might have been better off not calling to check on the whereabouts of the packages he sent through FedEx to the Philippines. Law enforcement is glad that he did, though. Prosecutors say that the boxes contained three kilograms of methamphetamine and one hundred grams of cocaine.

For some reason, customs intercepted the box. We can’t imagine why. They may not have expected its shipper to be dumb enough to call after it, though. He was arrested a few weeks after sending the shipment, and pleaded not guilty to charges related to the sale and transport of illegal drugs. Maybe he was just calling to ask where it was for a friend.

Shipping slip: Redwood City man tried to mail meth, cocaine with FedEx, prosecutor says [Palo Alto Daily News] (via Fark)

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