LG Admits Smart TV Without Working Remote Isn’t Very Smart, Offers To Replace It


Earlier this week, we shared the story of reader Michael, who bought a pricey 3-D smart television from Amazon. His family thought it was pretty awesome until the set’s remote would no longer work. A few different repair teams weren’t able to make the TV and its remote work together permanently. Would he be left with a great big TV set that he couldn’t even use to watch YouTube videos? Sure, that’s a first world problem, but consumers deserve to get what they pay for. We posted about Michael and his TV. Coincidentally, after the post went up LG contacted him with a resolution.

He updated us:

I just heard from [redacted] at LG.

LG has graciously decided to replace my TV!

Happy ending (I hope) thanks to your help.

I plan on sending a thank you letter to LG – they finally took ownership of this, and I really appreciate it.

Well done, LG! We’re glad to hear that Michael has a new television coming to him. Maybe LG will offer one that has a better screen, but without the “magic” remote that isn’t all that magical.