Moving My DirecTV Service Costs $230, Canceling It Costs $500

Image courtesy of (Earth2Kim)

Some satellite TV customers decide to end their relationship with their company of choice when they move, but that’s not what Brad and his wife want to do. They’re moving to be closer to family during a medical crisis. The problem is that they’re still under contract: they just signed up this August. They also like their service and want to keep it. The problem is that DirecTV offers them two options: a $200 fee to move the service, or a

My wife and I have been proud and satisfied customers of DirecTV since August of 2012. We love our service and want to keep it, however we are being told that we need to pay over $200 to move our service from one address to another. Any time we call and ask we are given a different answer.

When we call and ask, we are told about “The Movers Deal” which includes all these upgrades and special packages and are sold with the idea it’s going to be free, however it is currently all they offer for people who want to keep the service and are moving, what they don’t tell you is that it’s going to cost triple what your monthly bill costs. My wife and I are moving December 30th, 2012. And we are faced with either paying the $230+ to move the service, or paying the $500 to cancel the contract.

If the $230 covers installation at their new home, that’s not so bad: remember that initial installation is cheap or free because they want to bring in new customers. Still, someone might be able to convince them to make an exception: try launching an executive e-mail carpet bomb, or making e-mail friends with the company’s CEO. They should imagine how much revenue they’ll get from you as happy long-term customers.

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