Reader's New CEO Pen Pal Comes Through, Gets Him $200 Service Credit

DirecTV President and CEO Mike White made good on his promise to help reader Daniel. We published Daniel’s Saturday evening e-mail exchange with Mr. White yesterday, and received an update on the situation. He received a full credit for the NFL Sunday Ticket package that was renewed this season without his permission.


He immediately wrote a nice thank-you note to the CEO:

Dear Mr. White-

I wanted to thank you personally for doing right by me. This certainly isn’t a great deal of money for you, but you’ve won the loyalty of a customer. Thank you for your response last week, and for helping me out. Have a great evening.

Best regards,


White responded:

Glad it got worked out. Mike White

If you have a pressing DirecTV issue that the regular customer service channels cannot solve, you can contact the company executives, too. Their e-mail format is Respect the powerful people’s time: keep your letter precise and concise.

DirecTV CEO Answers Customer E-mail On A Saturday Evening, Promises Help


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  1. MikeB says:

    To add to this:

    Respect the powerful people’s time: keep your letter precise and concise.

    Only use this mode after using all other attempting to get your issue resolved using normal support channels.

    • skapig says:

      Agreed, but he may have gotten a little public exposure push too. His claim did seem a bit questionable, but he was polite about it, asserted his value as a loyal customer, and kept a cool head.

  2. GradisharFan1 says:

    I just emailed him about my continuing issues with my Directv. I got this response less than 5 minutes later

    “Dear Jason, I am sorry for your predicament. I will do my best to see what can be done as soon as possible. Mike White”

    After seeing the special on “Undercover Boss” about him, I think that things are looking up for Directv.