Video Game Store Clerk Denies Robber, Tells Him “It’s Messed Up” To Steal From Small Businesses

Image courtesy of This clerk just said no to robbery.

This clerk just said no to robbery.

Usually when you hear about retail employees standing up to criminals, it involves playing the hero (and often getting fired for their efforts), but one clerk at a Denver video game store managed to deny a would-be robber by simply telling him it’s not cool to hold up his little store.

The clerk tells CBS Denver that the man, who also robbed a record store and a gas station during his Sunday night spree — and who had allegedly stolen merchandise from the store before, had been perusing the store’s PlayStation 3 games when he approached the register and demanded cash.

“I told him ‘no’ because I didn’t think it was right for him to try to steal from us,” says the clerk, who wasn’t going to let the $10 in his register go without a fight. “He proceeded to ask, I told him I thought it was messed up he was trying to rob a small business.”

The robber took off with the clerk in pursuit. The robber got away but was later apprehended after his vehicle crashed into a car and then flipped onto its side on a nearby lawn.

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