Get Fueled Up Before Turkey Day: National Average Gas Prices Could Hit Record High

Gas prices have been slowly falling on average around the country as the summer season ended and the fall ushered in its usual lower prices. This week many areas have been seeing prices drop cent by cent, but that could all change on one of the season’s biggest travel days, Thanksgiving. 

This year’s Turkey Day gas prices could be at a record high, which makes the idea of a Wednesday night fueling session a pretty good one.

The national average fell by $0.02 last week to $3.43 a gallon, which is normal as autumn is typically a time for fuel prices to decline. After the rush of summer road trips has ended, the EPA loosens its grip on emission standards and lets gas companies put more butane in the mix, which is usually cheaper .

Even though prices have been dipping lately, the national average is still $0.06 higher than it was during this time last year, says the  Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration, via ABC News.

“As we approach Thanksgiving, the national average has taken quite a drop, dropping close to 30 cents in the last month,” senior petroleum analyst with GasBuddy tells ABC. “Certainly that has been a nice decrease, but the national average still will likely set an all-time Thanksgiving Day high.”

Last year’s national average on Turkey Day was about $3.34 a gallon, so prepare to pay a bit more this year — unless you get all the gas you need before the big day. American are expected to take shorter trips this year anyway in an effort to save at the pump.

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