When Stealing A Food Delivery Car, The Polite Thing To Do Is Finish Dropping Off Orders

It would be such a bummer if you ordered a bunch of Chinese food and were then told that your delivery wouldn’t arrive because the delivery guy had his car stolen. Maybe the guy who allegedly did just that has a heightened sense of empathy — or he just wanted some extra cash — because cops say he decided to keep dropping off food.

The Associated Press says the man boosted a car from a Chinese food delivery driver after the worker had left it idling to run into a school, ostensibly to make a delivery.

He called the cops upon finding himself vehicle-less, as well as his boss to inform him that he might not be able to make those deliveries after all and pass that news on to the customers.. But at least one delivery was made after the theft, as the suspect was apparently trying to collect the money for the orders and pocket the cash.

Stealing an entire car seems like going to a bit of an extreme to steal what probably amounted to not much that cash. The man was charged with larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and other drug charges.

Man steals Chinese food delivery car, continues making deliveries [Associated Press]

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