Walmart Redesigns 5.3 Ounces Right Out Of Great Value Mashed Potato Box

Changes in the ‘taters.

An anonymous Walmart shopper stopped by to show us how a nice-looking redesign of the mega-retailer’s house-brand mashed potato flakes masks some shrinkage. Wally World took advantage of the packaging change to shave off 5.3 ounces of dehydrated potato goodness. Of course, the box looks the same size from the outside. It’s still a great value. Just a little less great than before, perhaps.

Here’s a close-up of the weights on the boxes:

Our tipster didn’t get a picture of the shelf tag with the price. We’d appreciate it, beloved hive mind, if you include the price tag in Shrink Ray photos if you take them in-store. If you take them at home, obviously, that’s not possible.

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