Tip Your Pizza Hut Driver Or He Might Pee On Your Door

Image courtesy of (KCCI-TV)


An Iowa Pizza Hut delivery driver is without a job today because he decided that the best way to vent is anger about being stiffed on a tip was to urinate on the customer’s door.

A few hours after ordering a pizza without properly tipping the driver, the customer noticed a familiar fluid decorating the outside of her apartment.

“I was like ‘Hmmm who was at my door that might be upset with me’ and it kind of hit me that it was the pizza delivery guy,” she tells KCCI-TV.

Watching the video with reporters, the apartment manager describes the events:
“So he’s giving her the pizza and he starts to leave… Sets down his pizza bag and he walks back up and you see him there doing his duty… And then he turns around to exit again you’ll see his pants are undone and he’s just tucking his shirt back in and zipping up.”

It was the manager who called Pizza Hut. The restaurant’s manager actually came over to watch the video to confirm the malfeasance.

The driver has since been fired and he even later came by the apartment to clean up his mess.

“If you’re going to be really upset about things like that then maybe you shouldn’t be a pizza delivery driver at all,” said the customer.

Though we doubt anyone would defend the driver’s decision to urinate on the door, some might say the customer should not have ordered a pizza delivery knowing she couldn’t afford a tip.

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