Arm & Hammer Adds 33% More Peroxide, Subtracts .3 Ounces Of Toothpaste

Image courtesy of New box, old tube, new tube

New box, old tube, new tube

The good news is that PeroxiCare toothpaste comes with slightly more peroxide than it did before. The bad news is that this supposed improvement comes with a .3 ounce reduction in the total amount of toothpaste in the tube.

Tipster and avid teeth-brusher Tristan writes:

I bought some new toothpaste a couple weeks ago before I was completely out. I was excited because the box said 33% more on it. When I opened the new box today I noticed it was smaller than the old box. They removed .3 ounces but added the words 33% more peroxide to the box. Won’t be buying this brand of toothpaste anymore.

Ah, but good luck finding a brand that has never been shrink rayed.

Here’s an extreeeeeme close-up of those sizes, for the doubters out there:

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