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New box, old tube, new tube

Arm & Hammer Adds 33% More Peroxide, Subtracts .3 Ounces Of Toothpaste

The good news is that PeroxiCare toothpaste comes with slightly more peroxide than it did before. The bad news is that this supposed improvement comes with a .3 ounce reduction in the total amount of toothpaste in the tube. [More]

FDA Warns About Potential For Chipped Teeth, Eye Injuries From Crest/Arm & Hammer Spinbrush

If you ever looked at an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush (formerly the Crest Spinbrush) and thought “a toothbrush with all those moving parts could potentially wreak havoc if something goes wrong,” the folks at the Food & Drug Administration have confirmed your concerns. [More]

Arm & Hammer Sues Fresh Step Because "Cats Don't Talk"

Arm & Hammer Sues Fresh Step Because "Cats Don't Talk"

Seen those commercials of cats preferring Fresh Step to Arm & Hammer’s “Super Scoop?” Well, so has Arm & Hammer and they are very annoyed. [More]