Alamo Drafthouse Giving Everyone Chance To Make Their Own “Shut Up, Stop Texting & Watch The Movie” PSA

Image courtesy of Welcome to the Magnited States of America.

Welcome to the Magnited States of America.

The Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters has long had a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to texting and talking on the phone during a film, as commemorated in maybe the greatest anti-texting PSA ever. Now the company is asking you to unleash that annoyed auteur that’s dying to get out and tell people to shut the &*#( up.

The rules and all that other stuff can be found here, but basically all entries must follow the “Don’t Talk or Text During Movies” theme, and in spite of whatever anger you feel toward texters and talkers, can not feature weapons or violence and “must be suitable for audiences PG-13 or under, no nudity or profanity.”

The winning video will be shown in all the Drafthouse theaters around the country and the filmmaker will earn $1,000 Visa gift card for their efforts. In addition, there will be local winners in each of the company’s markets: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City and Winchester, VA. The local champ will have their PSA screened at that market’s theater and will get a $200 Alamo gift card.

Basically, this is all just a reason for us to run this video again:

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