Someone Should Inform This Walmart That These Beers Are Neither Fresh Nor Local

One out of three isn’t too bad…?

Yes, Virginia is for lovers of all kinds, craft beers and otherwise. But it’s also all about promoting its state’s various foods and beverages, as any state is wont to do. You know how it is — pride, homegrown industry, all of that good stuff. Which is why perhaps someone at either this local Walmart or the Virginia Board of Tourism needs to do a little background research before promoting certain beers as a way to “Buy Fresh, Buy Local.”

Consumerist reader Rob sent in this example of a bit of questionable marketing at his local Walmart using our mobile tipster app, writing:

Um…. does Walmart or the Virginia Tourism Board know that “local” beers Old Dominion (now owned by InBev and brewed in Dover, Del.) and Heavy Seas (Baltimore) aren’t Virginia companies?

We’re willing to give whoever was responsible for the sign slip a little bit of slack, as both beers are kinda sorta in the vicinity of Virginia. And also maybe it just means there are a lot of craft beer-lovers in the state. But then why the “buy fresh, buy local”? We’re so confused.

From what I know of the beer-making process, a “fresh” beer probably wouldn’t be too tasty, either. Gotta let that stuff ferment and whatnot.

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