My Cats Ruin My Mouse, Logitech Sends A Free Replacement

(Logitech/quatre mains)

Cats and consumer electronics might be two of Consumerist readers’ collective favorite things, but they don’t always go together very well. Meow Maximus has learned this over the years, as he’s combined computer mice with scroll wheels with long-haired kitties. Normally, he’s been able to open them up for thorough hair removal, but that didn’t work with the latest Logitech gaming mouse he bought. Consumers can’t open it up. Fortunately, it has one key feature: it’s made by Logitech.

Last week, I called Logitech’s technical support line to talk about a problem I was having with my MX518 mouse. My mouse is about 6 months old, and the problem I was having with it is that the scroll wheel was failing.

I called tech support, and spoke to a nice gentleman about my problem. You see, I own two long haired cats and the hair clogs up the scroll wheel.

I was hoping he could tell me how to open it up to clean it out, as I have done in the past. Sadly, the latest version of the mouse lacks the screws in the back that could be removed to facilitate this. Simply put, there is no way to open the back of the mouse.
The fellow I was speaking to on the phone was very patient, and made some useful suggestions, but to no avail.

I had resigned myself to buying a new mouse, when he said “We will send you a new mouse, free of charge. The MX518 is not made any more, so we will be sending you a G400 instead”.

The new mouse arrived today, and its better than the old one.

I own 7 other Logitech products. Even if another brand is cheaper, I will always go for the Logitech, because of their awesome customer service.

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