Google Doesn’t Send My Galaxy Nexus, Doesn’t Know Why

Where are you?

Purchasing an unlocked Galaxy Nexus directly from the Google Play store is very easy. The problem seems to be in getting it. Dan ordered his phone almost two weeks ago, and wonders where it is. Google’s customer service representatives are very nice, but completely powerless and don’t have anything to tell him. The phone is supposed to be shipping now. Where is Dan’s? Is anyone else having the same problem? (Update: Yes, they are.)

Just wondering if you’ve heard of any issues with hardware orders from the Google Play store. I ordered a Galaxy Nexus on the morning of Friday the 12th, and my order still hasn’t completed processing. They say it takes 1-2 business days to process, and then they UPS it out with 2 day shipping. That certainly hasn’t been the case. I’ve talked to a number of unhelpful, albiet very friendly, customer service reps at Google who haven’t done much of anything aside from forwarding me on to mystery “specialists” who don’t actually do anything. The CSRs are powerless to do anything, yet the ones with the power don’t actually respond or handle the issues.

I’ve been very friendly but firm in stating that I just want a straight answer and a solution, but that doesn’t appear to be possible. This morning I went ahead and told them to just cancel the order so that I can buy it somewhere else. Am I alone in having this bad experience or have others had this issue?

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