Silly Trojan! Boston Mayor Doesn’t Want Any Of Your Free Vibrators In His Public Plazas

Happy NYC customers (CBS Boston)

Trojan is having a hard time building up a buzz over its free vibrators promotion — first New York City put the smackdown on the company in August after its giveaway got out of hand, and now Boston’s mayor is asking that Trojan Vibrations not set up shop in a public plaza. Mayor Tom Menino’s office wrote a letter to Trojan’s marketing company stressing the “family-friendly” atmosphere of the City Hall Plaza in a bid to put the brakes on the promo.

The Chief of Property Management in the mayor’s office sent the below letter asking Trojan to find “an alternative site” to hand out vibrators, reports CBS Boston.

“I am told the public nature of the plaza affords you legal protection to distribute these products should you insist against our objections, but I would tell you in the strongest terms allowable that I feel this is an inappropriate and irresponsible use for the plaza,” he wrote.

In other words, the U.S. Constitution protects free speech so they can’t legally ban Trojan, but think about the children. Not that any smart Trojan employee is going to hand such a thing to a kid. We hope.

Trojan Vibrations sent the below statement to WBZ-TV in regards to the controversy:

“We have been working with the City of Boston’s permit office to explore several locations that would be appropriate for the Trojan vibrator giveaway, but did not submit a permit application for the City Hall area. We look forward to bringing the buzz of the Trojan Pleasure Carts to Boston. As we have more information we will be happy to share it with you.”

In August, Trojan’s giveaway in NYC was put on pause by Mayor Michael Bloomberg until the company got the correct permits for such an event. It drew huge crowds around the city and managed to give out about 4,000 vibrators in all.

A few of the people interviewed by WBZ-TV see the giveaway as just that — an event better left to amusing the citizens of NYC.

Menino Urges Trojan Not To Give Away Vibrators On City Hall Plaza [CBS Boston]

Menino Urges Trojan Not To Give Away Vibrators On City Hall Plaza [CBS Boston]

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