Seized Pirate Costumes Rendered Decidedly Scarier Due To High Levels Of Lead

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Attention, Halloween lovers: While you might want to be perceived as dangerous  this Halloween, there are some costumes that are so dangerous they’re actually harmful to your health. Shipments of pirate costumes coming from China were recently seized by authorities because they contained high levels of lead. The better to sink you with when you walk the plank, perhaps, but not so great for your health.

Officials for the Consumer Product Safety Commission said the costumes contained more than 11 times the allowable level of lead. About $10,000 worth of sassy seafaring outfits were headed to a distributor in Seattle when U.S. Customs officials seized them. From the picture, it appears the costumes were meant for girls.

Don’t fear for your health when shopping for costumes this year as officials say all the tainted products will be destroyed. Perhaps another reason that DIY costumes might not be a bad idea after all — for your wallet and your health.

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