Is DIY Halloween Over? Consumers Expected To Shell Out $8 Billion On The Holiday This Year

The days of hobbling together a DIY Halloween costume made from oddly-cut pieces of felt, an overabundance of hot glue that ends up sticking the wrong things together and an old slip are over! While some proficient crafters are probably much more talented than that, a new report says consumers are gonna be all about splashing out on all things Halloween-y this year.

According to industry research firm IBISWorld, Halloween spending is going to be up 10.7% from last year — we’ll be paying out about $8 billion as a nation on everything from candy to costumes, decorations and all those pumpkins necessary to prove to your neighbors that you are in fact, an accomplished gourd artist.

The report also says more people will opt for store-bought costumes, instead of sticking with DIY alternatives like we did during the recession.

Here’s how we’ll divvy up our spending, according to the report: $2.87 billion on costumes (including outfits for pets, of course); $2.35 billion on candy; $2.36 billion on decorations and $440 million on cards.

Now I’ll just see about throwing out that useless glue gun before I end up gluing my fingers together for the umpteenth time.

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