American Airlines Can’t Catch A Break: London-Bound Flight Lands In Ireland After Smoky Odor Reported

We’re almost feeling sorry for American Airlines. If it’s not this, that and the other thing then it’s something else. In AA’s case, well-known humorists are railing against the airline; labor disputes have been causing cancellations and flight delays; three planes in a week have had to make emergency landings because of loose seats and now yet another flight had an unscheduled landing after a smoky odor was reported in the cabin. Tough couple of weeks, eh?

The London-bound flight carrying 246 passengers and 14 crew members departed out of Chicago, but had to make a stop at Shannon Airport in Ireland when a funky, fiery smell was reported by a passenger, says CNN.

All of that hullabaloo turned out to be caused by a simple overhead fan that had overheated, said a spokesman, but the flight was diverted as a precaution just to be sure. Because flying with anything that resembles fire or smoke is definitely not a smart plan.

It’s been an awful, no good very bad time for the airline recently: American’s struggles with its pilots during an ongoing contract dispute has already caused 1,000 flights to be canceled and delayed another 12,000 in the last month, and now planes are flying around with unbolted seats and fire smells. It’s a lot to take in.

Like we’ve said in previous stories — it’s not like we’re going out of our way to pile on American but hey, when you’re in the news, you’re in the news.

American Airlines plane makes emergency landing [CNN]

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