Passengers Tackle Man On Flight Because Grabbing Ladies Just Isn’t To Be Tolerated

Committing acts of harassment in a confined public space is going to lead to one inevitable outcome: You’re gonna get caught because there’s nowhere to go. That’s what happened to a man on a flight from Chicago to Orange County, Calif. when his fellow passengers tackled him for behaving aggressively and grabbing women while in the air. Getting away is not an option when you’re at that altitude, people.

CBS News says passengers apparently restrained the man, an “actor and model” with a belt so he’d stop freaking out passengers on the United Airlines flight. Around 45 minutes into the flight, passengers said he started to pace up and down the aisle and seemed drunk. He was harassing people and generally being a nuisance, said one passenger.

“He actually verbally threatened another passenger,” she said. “All the passenger had said to him was, ‘You know, you need to sit down.’ ”

That’s when six passengers tackled him and kept him still with their belts for almost three hours, for the rest of the flight. Upon landing he was arrested for the federal offense of interference with a flight crew and taken away in handcuffs by Orange County sheriffs.

He might’ve been grumpy as he was returning to his former home of Orange County for a court appearanceAccording to CBS Chicago, Durrani used to live in Orange County, Calif. but now resides in Virginia. He was returning to Orange County to face a court appearance that was scheduled for Thursday morning.

Man grabbing women on Chicago to Calif. flight tackled by fellow passengers, arrested, report says [CBS News]

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