Southwest Passenger Sues For $800,000 Over Spilled Tea

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Tea, unless it’s of the “iced” variety, is generally considered a hot drink. Commercial jets, while smoother rides than some planes, are known to be occasionally bumpy. One Southwest Airlines passenger found out the hard way that these two facts could result in her being burned — and she’s suing the carrier for $800,000.

According to CNN, the incident occurred last December on a Southwest flight from Nashville to Houston via New Orleans. The passenger ordered a hot tea from a flight attendant and was apparently given a cup of “extremely hot water,” nested in another cup that contained the tea bag.

The passenger was seated in the plane’s first row, which does not have tray tables. The complaint states that in her “efforts to extricate the tea bag from its position of being wedged between the tilted paper ‘hot cup’ of extremely hot water and the shorter clear plastic soft drink cup, the extremely hot water spilled into her lap at her groin area.”

As a result, the plaintiff claims to have suffered blisters, second-degree burns and permanent scars.

The plaintiff says Southwest provided her a cup of water “at a temperature too hot for use in an aircraft.”

She’s seeking $300,000 in property damages, medical bills, injuries and pain and suffering, along with $500,000 in punitive damages.

A rep for the airline couldn’t speak to the pending litigation but did tell CNN that “[W]e safely serve about 100 million drinks onboard every year.”

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