Family Sues Cemetery Because It Shouldn't Be A Mystery Where Your Loved One Is Buried

A Texas widow already had to deal with saying goodbye to her beloved husband of 56 years and now? She doesn’t even have the comfort of knowing where exactly his final resting place is. She’s suing the cemetery that buried him in order to get confirmation of his location, because at first the cemetery told the family they’d have to pay up if they wanted that information.

It all started on the day of the funeral in November 2010, when the family suspected that something was amiss during the burial at the plot the family had purchased, reports CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. The grave seemed to be in the wrong place, but the family says their concerns were brushed off by the cemetery. When the  tombstone went up, it was in another spot with smooth earth, and not where they saw him buried.

“I don’t know who’s there,” said the widow of where her husband’s grave is marked. “I don’t know where he’s at. He’s somewhere along in there; but, where, I don’t know.”

The family’s lawyer says the cemetery at first asked for $1,500 in order to determine whether or not the man was in the plot they’d bought. She doesn’t think they should have to pay for what wasn’t their mistake in the first place.

“I believe it should not happen at the family’s expense, especially when they told them on the day of the funeral that they suspected that this was the wrong spot,” said the attorney.

This has been going on too long for the family, which is why they’re suing now to get answers.

“I want to know where he’s at, because something could happen to me and I want to know before I go that he’ll be in the right place, when I go,” said the widow. “I want to know where he’s at, so I can rest in peace.”

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