Time Warner Cable Saps Patrick Stewart's Will To Live

If you’ve ever thought that being a celebrity entitles you to a hotline that instantly fixes all those annoying problems that bother the rest of us, Sir Patrick Stewart has news for you. The actor, best known for managing to look authoritative in that silly outfit from Star Trek: The Next Generation, says that his ordeal with Time Warner Cable has taken away his will to live.

The actor recently relocated to Brooklyn, so he’s one of the millions stuck with TWC as his cable/Internet provider. And just like many of those millions, Stewart’s attempts to get things started did not go as planned.

Last night, he Tweeted:

After the message was re-Tweeted a few hundred times, TWC’s Twitter account took notice, asking him, “How can we assist you?”

To which Sir Pat replied, “If that question had been asked at any time in the last 36hrs it would have been of value. But now…”

Eventually, TWC released this statement to the New York Observer’s BetaBeat.com:
“Our Care and Social Media teams are fully engaged to make sure he’s well tended to. On behalf of the many Trekkers and Sir Patrick Stewart fans across our company, I can assure you, we will make it so.”

We still have to give then-Chicago White Sox manager (and now the guy who occasionally gets kicked out of Marlins games) Ozzie Guillen the celebrity complaint award for his 2010 blow-up over Comcast’s service.

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