White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen: Comcast Sucks

For anyone who has ever thought that they were being singled out by Comcast’s cruddy customer service, or that wealthy and famous people somehow managed to get non-cruddy service from the Kabletown folks, World Series-winning manager of the Chicago White Sox wants you to know that just isn’t so.

According to his Tweets, the outspoken baseballer spent all day waiting for a Comcast tech to show up at his house.

“Waiting for comcast people to show up in my house godddddd please take a little longer is not free,” he Tweeted this morning, followed by, “Its amazing to me how u have to wait for cable. As if I was getting it for free. 8 am they said wow.”

Unfortunately, Ozzie’s wait ended in a way that will seem familiar to many Comcast subscribers:
“Comcast is now saying they came to my house. They suck. Its not free they r not the only cable company.”

Guess we know who Ozzie will be voting for in tomorrow’s Worst Company In America showdown.

Ozzie Guillen’s Official Twitter

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