Beef Company Still Cranky About That Whole Pink Slime Thing, Sues ABC News

Beef Products Inc. still has a bee in its bonnet about that tiny little pink slime controversy and it’s blaming ABC News for starting the media campaign against it. It’s feeling defamed to the tune of $1.2 billion and is suing the news network for publishing 200 “false and disparaging statements” about its lean finely textured beef product.

BPI and two other companies say their product is pure beef, reports Bloomberg News, in a complaint filed today in a South Dakota state court.

“ABC News embarked on a sustained, 30-day vendetta against this company,” BPI’s attorney said, saying that his client wants $1.2 billion in compensatory damages as well as punitive damages.

The company claims that because of the whirlwind of news coverage surrounding the beef product, it lost business and had to close three facilities and lay off 700 workers. It’s accusing ABC of publishing a “blacklist” every night of places still selling pink slime, which interfered with BPI’s business relationships.

ABC News’ senior vice president said in a statement: “The lawsuit is without merit. We will contest it vigorously.”

Beef Products Inc. Sues ABC News Over Pink Slime Reports [ABC News]

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