Dad Claims Six Flags Halloween Character Went Too Far By Bursting From Portable Toilet & Chasing Daughter

I used to have a recurring nightmare where a person dressed in a giant dog suit was pursuing me down the aisles of the convenience store near where my grandmother lived, and let me tell you, it was horrifying. So the thought of a Halloween character at a theme park chasing a girl through Six Flags Great America? Well, I can understand how that might be upsetting. It’s scary enough that the girl’s father is now suing the theme park.

WBBM Chicago reports that the man and his young daughter (her age hasn’t been revealed) were visiting the park last year during the annual Fright Fest Halloween activities. He claims a character jumped out of a port-a-potty (anyone popping unexpectedly out of a portable toilet would be terrible), scaring his daughter while squirting her with a squirt gun.

The dad says that in her haste to get away from the frightening character, she ran and fell, and got bruised and scraped as a result. He says the park encourages employees to scare and chase park goers without taking into consideration all the things visitors could trip on as they flee wildly from danger.

A Great America spokeswoman wouldn’t comment, only saying: “However, I can assure you that the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our top priority.”

It’s all about context: On one hand, it’s a Halloween event — one might think a bit of scary stuff is going to happen. But on the other hand, most of the scaring usually happens in haunted houses or on themed rides, and doesn’t involve your run-of-the-mill portable toilet. Except of course for all the normal fears associated with entering one of those vile structures.

Lawsuit: Girl Tripped At Great America As Halloween Character Chased Her [CBS Chicago]

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