At This Point Old Spice Is Just Trying To Out Weird Itself With "Believe In Your Smellf" Campaign

One trend in need of dying that we pointed out during last year’s Worst Ad In America contest was the attempt to copy Old Spice’s successful, hilarious ads featuring manly man Isaiah Mustafa. But does it count as copying if it’s Old Spice trying to out weird itself, or just another attempt to achieve bizarre viral video status? In this new offering from Old Spice, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings* stars in an uplifting tale encouraging men to “believe in your smellf.” Just in time for the NFL regular season start tonight, to boot.

Get it? Smell + Self = Smellf. Jennings wants you to know that using Old Spice is kind of like starring in a Hollywood movie about your own life, and his sad-faced co-stars confirm that it’s better than “playing a bit part in someone else’s film.” Which is clearly what happens if you use any other deodorant other than Old Spice Champion — you’re just an extra and nobody cares about you or who is inside that dog suit.

So is Old Spice just trying to capitalize on its title of King Of Weird Ads That Make You Go Hmm or is it reinventing itself on a new level of strange? And can we get David Lynch involved somehow?

It’s worth noting that even if Roscoe the dog is just a co-star, his tail is pretty happy to be on set the entire time. Watch and you’ll see what we mean.

*Full disclosure: I bleed green and gold and therefore think Greg Jennings would be awesome in any context.
**Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

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