Western Digital Sends Double-Size Replacement For Hard Drive Their Update Bricked

Remember Joe, whose Western Digital hard drive stopped working after he installed the software and firmware updates that it begged him for? He just received a free replacement drive with twice the storage capacity of the original. We’re sure that this had absolutely nothing to do with his complaints on Twitter, his Tumblr post, or the Consumerist post about his predicament. Nothing.

Kat at Western Digital immediately contacted me, apologized, and stated that my case was out of the ordinary and should’ve been handled better. She helpfully tracked the progress of my RMA and immediately sent out a WD Passport with 3.0 USB and 1Tb storage capacity—a definite upgrade from my original bricked HD. I received it today and it works like a champ. Many thanks to the people at Western Digital Quality Control and at The Consumerist. I also don’t think this could’ve been resolved this quickly without social media, so thanks goes to Twitter too.

Western Digital Apologizes for Support Issue, Sends HD With Twice The Storage of Original [Ghost in the Machine]

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