Taco Bell Has Sold 200 Million Doritos Loco Tacos, Plans More Flavors

Americans really, really love Doritos. We also love fast-food tacos. Therefore, it’s only logical that we should love Taco Bell’s nacho cheese-ish Doritos Loco tacos. After a $75 million advertising barrage, the chain has now sold 200 million of these spectacularly popular tacos. That’s, what, one million hungry stoners fed?

We at Consumerist have been fascinated and horrified at this marriage of addictive snacks as their relationship developed. Now word on the street is that more Doritos Loco flavors are coming soon: possibly Cool Ranch and Flamas. Both are currently in certain test markets. Surely we must have some readers who live in those test markets and enjoy the occasional fast-food taco. Are they any good?

No, cynics, Taco Bell hasn’t paid us cash or even offered us a single free taco. We couldn’t accept it even if they did: we don’t take any freebies or accept outside advertising from companies. We just find fast food very compelling, like that singular feat of American ingenuity, the Double Down.

Besides, we’re not the only people with opinions and smartphones who find the Doritos Loco compelling. Check out this new ad that features what purport to be actual Instagram snapshots of tacos before and during consumption. Tasty.

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