How The Stupid Shipping Gang Sends A Bottle Of White-Out

We’re sure that Staples has a very, very good reason for packing a single box of white-out in a massive box full of air pillows. Perhaps that product was in a different warehouse than the rest of the order going to Ian’s company. Perhaps they were out of small boxes or padded envelopes, and speed in shipping is more important than sanity in packaging. Or perhaps Staples employees fear the stink of correction fluid, and wanted to make sure everyone stayed very safe from it. Whatever the real reason: it’s ridiculous.

Ian sent us this picture, and explained:

Recently, my company placed an order through Said order
included many smaller items (packages of highlighters, pens,
white-out, tape, etc.). The day it arrived, we received this box of
air by itself (attached), containing only one bottle of white-out. Two
hours later, the rest of the shipment arrived in a single box. There
is no reason the white-out could not have been included in that box
(which also contained numerous air packs). When the white-out first
arrived, the box literally felt empty it was so under-filled.

You know, some companies have to pay good money for air packs. You’re so lucky!

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