IKEA Wants To Build Its Own District In Hamburg For People Who Never Want To Leave IKEA

Do you ever get the feeling that you could just live in IKEA forever, eating lingon berries and playing house in kitchens outfitted with more cheap gadgets than you have at home, and sleep on a different bed with an unpronounceable name every night? Your dreams might be coming true, if you’re willing to hang out in Hamburg. The Swedish furniture giant is going to build its own entire district in that city, and fill it with all things Ikea.

In what sounds like an amusement park for those amused by affordable furniture and home decor, IKEA says the district will be filled with stores, apartments and office space in the northern German city, and is currently looking for land to build on.

“We want to build a new city district for the benefit of Hamburg,” an IKEA executive told the Hamburger Abendblatt paper, according to the AFP.

There’s a similar development in the works for London, where IKEA is going to set up about 1,200 buildings. And in case you don’t really want to live inside an IKEA, but just have a sleepover, the company announced plans to construct 100 hotels across Europe. Those businesses won’t bear the IKEA logo but customers will likely feel right at home/IKEA anyway.

Ikea to build ‘new district’ in German city [AFP]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Are people really that into IKEA?

    I’ve been in a store. The furniture is not THAT impressive.

    • nugatory says:

      I agree. There stuff is well priced, but most of the “style” still reflects the price. That being said, dollar for dollar, I think theirs is usually better than the alternative.

      I bought a large number of bookshelves from IKEA recently. The only reason I got them at IKEA was the price. The price was 1/4 of what I could get from other furniture stores. Office supply stores could get pretty close to IKEAs price, but the shelves looked really cheap.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      IKEA can be really hit or miss when it comes to furniture, but I was really impressed with the quality of their kitchens.

    • sparc says:

      If you’re creative and maybe a little DIY, then you could do some interesting stuff with a small budget.

      Having said that, I’ve never bought anything of great expense there and probably never will. Not sure the quality is high enough at that end of the spectrum.

  2. Sarek says:

    An IKEA district in Hamburg sounds like fertile ground for The Beatles of the 2020s.

  3. ancientone567 says:

    IKEA sucks. Buy some real furniture.

    • BorkBorkBork says:

      Real furniture is too expensive. Buy me real furniture.

      • ancientone567 says:

        Two years ago I took a 5k loan for some quality furniture and probably never have to buy those items again. With IKEA it breaks and you buy it over and over. How is that saving money? You could have gotten something nice that would last instead of all the damn replacement junk.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          I try to buy vintage furniture. I figure if it’s been holding up for 40 years, I won’t have to worry about it falling apart.

  4. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    Hmmm. I seem to recall there’s another ‘district’ in Hamburg…

  5. dicobalt says:

    A particle board district? Ewwww…

  6. Banished to the Corner says:

    Uhh, Europe, the Sweds are invading again.

  7. evilpete says:

    Will I be billed when the furniture in my hotel room falls apart?

  8. Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

    And we still cannot convince them to put a store in Milwaukee or Madison….But they will invest money in this? /sigh

    • MBZ321 says:

      Ikea has really stepped up their game…my sister just got a multiple-piece bedroom set from Ikea, and I was really blown away. Heavy, heavy pieces (not sure if real wood, or really heavy particle board), but it felt like “real” furniture. Very surprised and may have to look there for my own furniture.

  9. Kisses4Katie says:

    Aww I like IKEA. Prices are in the Wal-Mart range of prices, but I find the styles trendy and the furniture well made overall. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any pieces I’ve bought there that are any worse for wear after a few years. I just have a few problems with the floor staff and the clearance system, but we usually have a pleasant experience. We also eat while we’re there. Yum!

  10. Kat says:

    A whole district? What will they do with all of those left over pieces?

  11. Delicious Spam is delicious says:


  12. Bob A Dobalina says:

    Six Flags Over Cheap Crappy Furniture