Locking Yourself Inside An Airplane Cockpit Is One Way To Get Yourself Arrested

Not that we suggest in any way that anyone try storming a jetway to hole up in a locked airplane cockpit, but if you’re going to do it, you should probably expect to end up in jail.

This is the lesson learned this afternoon by a man — described by reports as “heartbroken” and despondent following a breakup — in Louisiana who allegedly helped himself to the cockpit of an American Eagle plane.

WVLA-TV reports that the man got onto the plane after it had pulled up to the gate so crew could begin the pre-flight cleaning. The flight was supposed to have gone from Baton Rouge to Dallas-Fort Worth, but things obviously got delayed when the pilots were on the wrong side of the cockpit door and police had to negotiate with the man inside.

Baton Rouge police and the FBI eventually talked the man out of the cockpit and took him into custody. Though police tell WVLA that the man apparently made it through screening without signs of a weapon, we imagine he’ll now be getting a more thorough pat-down.

[via NBCDFW]

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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