Best Buy Accepts Pre-Orders For Jaws, Sells All Copies To Other People

The movie “Jaws” is out on Blu-Ray. Please try to contain your excitement. Reader Mark was pretty excited at the news, actually: he wanted Best Buy’s own exclusive version, and placed a pre-order for in-store pickup. He went to the store, waited around for an hour or so, and then finally learned: oh, yeah, all of the pre-ordered copies had been sold off the shelves accidentally. And an employee told Mark that this wasn’t the only store where that had happened.

I ordered the Best Buy exclusive version of Jaws for in store pickup. I was emailed by best buy that the order was ready for pick up. when I got to the store the Customer Service desk could not find the order. They looked around in back and realized that they must have accidentally sold all their copies and the 3 people who pre-ordered would not get their orders. They kept me waiting for about an hour before finally calling corporate only to find out the Blu Ray was sold out everywhere and there was nothing they can do.

The Customer service person was very nice about about the whole situation, while the manager was kind of a jerk and would not even look or speak directly to me. When the Customer service person asked him if their was anything they could do since they had me waste an hour of my time waiting for an item they sold by mistake he told her to tell me no.

Now I have an outstanding best buy order that will end up canceling itself in a week because the store messed up with their inventory and the item is sold out so I have no way of getting a copy now, which was the whole point of preordering it.

To top it off the CS person told me that this wasn’t localized to only this store. She was told it happened with this particular movie at a lot of stores in the district. Not so great for a store that’s rumored to be going under.

So, Mark, what’s the problem? Just go to any other store in your area and buy that Best Buy exclusive– oh. Also, before anyone asks why Mark doesn’t just have it shipped to his house: Best Buy isn’t shipping copies of Jaws. You have to pick it up from the store. (Every store within an hour-and-a-half drive of my house is sold out.) Must be part of an effort to get movie collectors into their brick-and-mortar stores and see how terrible they are.

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