No, You Can’t Keep A Hammerhead Shark In Your Basement Pool

We know it might be tempting to make your own Sharknado at home, but not only is it illegal to keep certain exotic sharks in a pool as pets, but it’s not good for the big fish, either. That’s why officials in New York have removed a bunch of sharks from a resident’s home after finding them in a DIY aquarium in the basement. [More]

This shark is a candytarian. (Alan Rappa)

It’s Not A Good Time To Be A Shark In A Brooklyn Applebee’s Aquarium

So there you are, just swimming along like sharks do, the entire ocean is at your disposal and you’re living the life of a normal shark (who is apparently also self-aware enough to realize how good you’ve got it). But then the next thing you know, you’re living in an aquarium at a Brooklyn Applebee’s, one of your fellow shark pals is dead and you’re in serious trouble for eating three other fish in a “shocking killing spree.” [More]

Rest In Aquatic Peace, little guy. (via PETA)

Kmart Admits It’s Pretty Bummed Out About The Shark That Died During Its Ad Shoot, Too

We were so sad yesterday about the white-tipped shark that died after being shipped across the country to star in a Kmart commercial shoot that we weren’t even able to make any jokes about the company jumping the shark. And when we skip obvious puns, the sadness is real. Plenty of our readers expressed sadness on Twitter recently, and it seems that somber feeling goes for Kmart, as well. [More]


Shark Dies After Being Put In A Backyard Pool For Kmart Commercial Shoot

UPDATE: Kmart has issued an apology and a statement of being generally bummed-out by the shark’s death. [More]

Best Buy Accepts Pre-Orders For Jaws, Sells All Copies To Other People

Best Buy Accepts Pre-Orders For Jaws, Sells All Copies To Other People

The movie “Jaws” is out on Blu-Ray. Please try to contain your excitement. Reader Mark was pretty excited at the news, actually: he wanted Best Buy’s own exclusive version, and placed a pre-order for in-store pickup. He went to the store, waited around for an hour or so, and then finally learned: oh, yeah, all of the pre-ordered copies had been sold off the shelves accidentally. And an employee told Mark that this wasn’t the only store where that had happened. [More]

Debt Collectors Discover New Levels Of Relentlessness

Debt Collectors Discover New Levels Of Relentlessness

It makes sense that as the economy has soured that the rapacity of debt collectors would rise, but this much? [More]

Beware The Sleeping Bag That Finds You

Beware The Sleeping Bag That Finds You

Too lazy to dig through your closet to find your sleeping bag? Just cut yourself shaving and lie down and this bad-boy will find you. [More]