Best Buy Accepts Pre-Orders For Jaws, Sells All Copies To Other People

The movie “Jaws” is out on Blu-Ray. Please try to contain your excitement. Reader Mark was pretty excited at the news, actually: he wanted Best Buy’s own exclusive version, and placed a pre-order for in-store pickup. He went to the store, waited around for an hour or so, and then finally learned: oh, yeah, all of the pre-ordered copies had been sold off the shelves accidentally. And an employee told Mark that this wasn’t the only store where that had happened.

I ordered the Best Buy exclusive version of Jaws for in store pickup. I was emailed by best buy that the order was ready for pick up. when I got to the store the Customer Service desk could not find the order. They looked around in back and realized that they must have accidentally sold all their copies and the 3 people who pre-ordered would not get their orders. They kept me waiting for about an hour before finally calling corporate only to find out the Blu Ray was sold out everywhere and there was nothing they can do.

The Customer service person was very nice about about the whole situation, while the manager was kind of a jerk and would not even look or speak directly to me. When the Customer service person asked him if their was anything they could do since they had me waste an hour of my time waiting for an item they sold by mistake he told her to tell me no.

Now I have an outstanding best buy order that will end up canceling itself in a week because the store messed up with their inventory and the item is sold out so I have no way of getting a copy now, which was the whole point of preordering it.

To top it off the CS person told me that this wasn’t localized to only this store. She was told it happened with this particular movie at a lot of stores in the district. Not so great for a store that’s rumored to be going under.

So, Mark, what’s the problem? Just go to any other store in your area and buy that Best Buy exclusive– oh. Also, before anyone asks why Mark doesn’t just have it shipped to his house: Best Buy isn’t shipping copies of Jaws. You have to pick it up from the store. (Every store within an hour-and-a-half drive of my house is sold out.) Must be part of an effort to get movie collectors into their brick-and-mortar stores and see how terrible they are.


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  1. Marlin says:

    “Thats what you get for shopping at Worstbuy”


  2. GMFish says:

    Gee, pre-order from Amazon and they’ll mail it out early so you get it the day it’s released. You don’t even have to get in your car.

    I realize the OP wanted some special “Best Buy” version of the disc, but it’s not like that version is any better.

    • SerenityDan says:

      In fact it’s worse. It was one of those stupid Digibooks where the box is never actually closed and your disk can get all dusty, defeating the point of keeping it in a box. The Big Lebowski is in one of those, I hate it. (the box not the movie)

  3. longdvsn says:

    …circling the drain…and incidents like these only move them closer.

    Does BB even have a year left? They just keep moving closer and closer to the drain pipe.

    If I was an employee, I’d be getting my application/resume out elsewhere pretty soon before there’s a flood of laid off job seekers.

    • GMFish says:

      Does BB even have a year left?

      Maybe Sears and K-Mart could combine with Best Buy to reopen Circuit City?! That’d be awesome!

    • Mike says:

      What other job does working at Best Buy prepare you for? Oh! Sears.

      • Overheal says:

        Plenty really. While a lot of it is tied up in product, service, and system processing knowledge the rest is team, management, and customer relation skills. It’s still a large multibillion dollar company and underneath the surface, it’s run like one. Even as line level I’ve sat in plenty of district meetings with upper management and been on business trips that involved entire territories before. Not the kind of job experience I would expect to receive at Target or Sears but I’m open to correction. The companies new mantra this summer “No Customer goes unserved; No Employee goes untrained” is the next step in this, improving the Employee Experience will hopefully ensure more employees are engaged about their work in such a way that they aren’t deciding between Best Buy and flipping burgers across the street. People I worked with side by side are in some cases already advancing into HQ positions and I couldn’t be happier for them. It’s not personally my endgame career goal but there is plenty to absorb from here. I do however wish more employees felt the same, and didn’t treat the job as an obstacle rather than a stepping stone.

        • Smiling says:

          I’m 100% sure that question was rhetorical.

        • Captain Spock says:

          One notices that your comment history only extends to Best Buy posts… Makes you wonder..

          • Yeti Poacher says:

            Overheal admitted that s/he works (worked?) at Best Buy. I also worked there. I think it is frustrating for employees to see people hate on Best Buy. While not unfounded, the constant complaining is depressing for good people that truly try to help out in any given Best Buy store. There are more than you think and even they are tired of corporate BS getting in the way of them just helping people and doing the right thing. Then again there is only so much you can do with their current business model…

            Yes, someone made a mistake by selling the pre-orders. The customer should have been compensated. The customer service rep would likely see no problem with this and would do it if it was within their power. Management, who holds the power to do this, would rather not since it would ultimately affect their numbers and consequently their bonus (if any).

            It’s funny how one of their mottos is “empower the people” yet the people who spend the most time with customers have the least amount of power to please them when mistakes occur.

        • Pickin Grinnin says:

          >No Customer goes unserved

          It sounds like the OP in this thread wasn’t served, in any meaningful sense of the word.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          Nice that you buy into all the stupid bullshit spouted by ‘managers’ who are nothing more than bullshit-generating machines.

          You understand that the same people who came up with this “new mantra” are the ones who are DIRECTLY and TOTALLY responsible for sticking the company in the shitter, right? Yet they seem to never actually experience any of the penalties for fucking up the job so badly. That ‘honor’ is reserved for the front-line employees who don’t actually control what stupid as fuck ‘business decision’ is made this week.

          Like stealing money from people by not providing them the product they paid for.

      • wellfleet says:

        Well, let’s see… I work in higher education, one of my GS employees works for the largest university in the state in IT, another former GS employee is in IT at a huge retailer, another just got a job in Silicon Valley as a network engineer, another opened up a boutique print shop and is doing amazing work, another joined the air force and is now an air traffic controller, another has a management agency on West Coast, another works for the FBI in Chicago, two others work in finance for oil and gas companies, another is a moderately successful recording artist… These are just my former employees. But, I’m sure that whatever work you did made you well qualified to talk shit on the internet. You win?

        • RvLeshrac says:

          Lots of people go on to do lots of things.

          I presume the reason they’ve all been successful is that they saw the managers at Best Buy and said “Wow, I *never* want to make decisions that are this incredibly stupid and short-sighted.”

          Best Buy is like ‘Scared Straight’ for retail sales employees.

    • lyontaymer30 says:

      BB will be here 20 years now,people on the site act like BB is on blockbuster. They still making very good profit and decent profit margin. Yeah, they have their problems and things they need to revamp, scrap or hold people accountable for, but this isn’t a sinking ship. They don’t even have a hole in the hull yet.

      • Overheal says:

        And Blockbuster only died because not only did the market shift dramatically because of netflix but they also were far too slow to change or unwilling to acknowledge it was a problem. Then Redbox came in and that was the nail in the coffin.

      • Rexy does not like the new system says:


        You don’t close stores when you’re doing well. Just the opposite in fact. BB is on life support.

        • lyontaymer30 says:

          Actually, a proactive company who sees the store is not making money does. Apple just closed a bunch of their stores in 3 countries, does that mean they’re on life support? And when BB was the undisputed # 1, they closed stores then when they were making record profit for the company. You need business 101 class if you judge how good a company is doing by whether they’re closing stores.

    • Bob A Dobalina says:

      Job skills: being totally incompetent, shilling worthless warranties and giving terrible customer service

    • Actionable Mango says:

      “Does BB even have a year left?”

      Rumors of their death are greatly exaggerated.

      Last quarter the average profit was $1.7 million per day. And that quarter didn’t include the holidays. So yes, I would think they have well over a year left.

    • Kuri says:

      Supposedly the original founder is looking to get the company back to fix shit like this.

  4. bnceo says:

    Hate how studios do these Best Buy/Target exclusives. Too many SKUs in the system. Now some future hoarder who loves Jaws will buy all SKUs and be on A&E in a few years.

  5. dush says:

    On the bright side it sounds like a lot of other people went home happy with an exclusive Jaws disc set.

  6. Joedragon says:

    Lets see what happened.

    Likely the sales people in store / web / phone where pushed to sell even over the # of set’s per store to get there numbers up and so it’s end up like this (small numbers) each store only had 10 sets coming in but sold 30 at each store.

    • VintageLydia says:

      Most likely the warehouse people doing the stocking just placed everything on the shelf without pulling out the reserved copies. According friends who are current and former BB employees, the people hired for the back were never of high, or even middle, caliber. A lot of my friends spent their days restocking the shelves in their sections correctly.

  7. kranky says:

    Call my cynical, but I would not be surprised if those Blu-Rays were sold to employees (accidentally, of course). They probably perfected the process during Black Friday.

    (Comment only applies if there was a real frenzy over getting these particular versions.)

    • VintageLydia says:

      In the store my husband used to work, management was loath to even let employees not on shift to buy a Black Friday big ticket item even if they camped in line and waited like everyone else. It depends on the store, though. I imagine some were less scrupulous.

    • Overheal says:

      usually we are restricted from buying stock from releases. Personally, I received no special priveledge in buying my preordered copy of Skyrim. Not that I didn’t try, but we played by the book ;)

      We’re also barred from purchasing many types of product on their launch days – especially apple products.

      • RvLeshrac says:

        That’s because Apple will descend upon the store with unholy fury if you step so much as a micrometer out of line with their policy. They can, and will, permanently bar you from ever selling a single Apple or Apple-logo’d product for the rest of time.

  8. 2nd party post dated counter check says:

    Best buy it somewhere else to avoid disappointment (ok, hard to do with a Best But version, but still . . .)

  9. ovalseven says:

    Just when you thought is was safe to go into Best Buy.

  10. xiziye says:

    I’m not saying its right, but most people who buy exclusives on a regular basis knows these things can be very limited. Always best to be there at opening or have a friend who can be there. There is just not enough stock for the demand.

    • sqlrob says:

      That’s not an excuse here though. BB *KNEW* the demand and could simply have stopped selling once the preorders ate through their stock.

      • Overheal says:

        What usually happens in a controlled pre-order environemtn (the process is done a lot better for gaming) is gaming staff pull the deliveries as they arrive and set them all aside, making sure there are as many copies available to match the number of preorders. The only thing they cant control is a shortage, or if someone preorders after we have already been sent the shipment, which can happen days before.

        • regis-s says:

          It seems to me this used to happen a lot when AAA title games were released too. Of course the stores would blame the distributors for not sending as many games as they were supposed to. The distributors would blame the stores for taking more reservations than copies they were promised.

          • Overheal says:

            As far as I know, i dont work directly with preorders, it’s more a case of something releases tuesday-next, we get the delivery by thursday, over the weekend more preorders occur. The stock we get is normally calculated around the preorders we generated before the shipment was sent out, and a certain percentage of shelf-product for grab and go. When preorders in the days following up outstrip the supply that we were given the problem occurs.

  11. cactus jack says:
  12. carterpeartford says:

    I’ll send you my Circuit City Kenny G limited edition CD if you really need something to fill your shelf space.

    the film has existed for nearly 40 years, but Best Buy created the false notion that you just had to have it a day earlier than everyone else just to get you into their store and you fell for it.

    • HeadsOnPikes says:

      So you’re the one who gets to judge whether or not something is valuable enough to somebody else to be worth going out of their way to buy? I was wondering who got that gig.

  13. rgf207 says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I feel there is no longer a need to pre-order movies or video games. Back in the day of SNES games, pre-ordering was necessary but there are enough retailers around nowadays that I’ve never found I could not get my hands on a copy on release day.

    • SerenityDan says:

      There are a few reasons to still pre-order. With Amazon’s pre-order price guarantee I’ve sometimes gotten movies for less than they cost at release because the price was listed for less at one point. Also there are true limited releases like the new Zelda game that came with a limited edition Gold wiimote. The only reason I got mine was I ordered it the day it went up for pre-ordering. A lot of folk who pre-ordered wound up not getting it because Amazon was sent less than expected by Nintendo.

      • HeadsOnPikes says:

        Amazon’s video game preorders are generally great. Not only is there the pre-order price guarantee, but if you have Prime you get guaranteed release day delivery for free (I think there’s a small charge for that if you don’t have Prime).

        Also, while Amazon’s price for the games are generally the same as everyone else, they are more likely to include better incentives. I’ve preordered 2 games in the last month and they came with $15 and $10 in Amazon credit respectively when other stores weren’t giving anything out. Those are only preorder incentives because come release date, they just charge full price (maybe $2 or 3 below full price to beat competitors, but certainly not $10 or 15 under).

        • erinpac says:

          I love Amazon’s preorders.
          Unfortunately, I’ve seen more and more games I am interested in include different in game extras at each store and invariably Amazon’s extra is the worst (and GameStop’s is the best). It’s really frustrating. I can kind of understand a store exclusive addon… but to make it different at each means everyone is missing out on something, even if they survived Gamestop to get the best item.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I’ve pretty much started pre-ordering everything from Amazon because of the price guarantee and the release day delivery. I especially love the release day delivery. Ever since Barnes & Noble slashed the benefits of its membership program, everything is less expensive on Amazon. There’s no point in going to Barnes &Noble for a new book on release day if I’m paying $8 more. I can pre-order from Amazon and it’ll be waiting for me at home.

    • RvLeshrac says:

      Totally, I mean, in this case, OP can clearly go buy the product from… sold out, you say? In the entire chain?

  14. Overheal says:

    The Media section is operated by a third party vendor, I can see how this happened by them just shoving the pre-orders (Probably standard in-store pickup orders that were post-dated) on the shelf without prior knowledge.

    I would first suggest calling the corporate office and seeing if there is any way at all for them to source you a copy from outside of your territory. Most line level employees wouldn’t be familiar with viewing stock outside of their own district which is typically limited to the nearest 15-20 stores. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of say, a store-to-store transfer from the midwest to the coast, but it has to be done by direct request, usually by a inventory/warehouse manager in my experience.

  15. Greg Ohio says:

    $19.96 on Amazon. $5 to rent in a few weeks. How much more was the OP willing to pay, plus gas, time, frustration?

    I blame the OP!!!

  16. regis-s says:

    They must do things differently in The States. I’ve never seen a pre-order option for instore pick up here in Canada. It has always been delivery only.

    Despite all the grousing people here do about Best Buy the only problem I’ve ever had with them was instore pick up at one particular location. Their abiltity to find ways to screw it up was almost admirable.

  17. clyde55 says:

    quote/ Best Buy’s own exclusive version /unquote

    If the writer of the article missed this, I won’t hold it against everybody else who did. Oh yes I will. I imagine there was something included that you can’t get elsewhere.

  18. PragmaticGuy says:

    Florida….that is all…

  19. sparc says:

    one more reason why i stopped buying physical media in almost all forms….

  20. dana scully says:

    Worstbuy is getting worse by the day. Geeezzzz why do you people keep shopping there.

  21. GenXCub says:

    This story shocked exactly zero people.

  22. PunditGuy says:

    Hit up the corporate Twitter account. This is plainly unacceptable. They didn’t have to send a confirmation email if they didn’t have the item. Just be ready to suggest some compensation if you want some.

    I swear they were only really ready with my order one out of three times that I went that route. So I went from Premier Silver in 2010 to $0 ordered from Best Buy so far in 2012.

  23. Anachronism says:

    My final straw that permanently ended Best Buy for me was buying tax software this year. Best Buy had a deal where if you bought the software with an online download (technology that has existed since the beginning of the internet), you got like a $10 gift card. So I do it, and find that what it means by online download is that I need to download their crappy knockoff version of Steam.

    I’m mildly annoyed that instead of spending 5 minutes downloading the software to get right on doing my taxes that night, I’ve spent 15 registering for their stupid Steam clone. I get more annoyed when I go to sign in and it tells me the login servers are down. The whole night goes by, same deal. What a great program you have here, Best Buy. I truly enjoy buying an online download to save time going to the store, just to have the whole night wasted because you can’t be bothered to actually ensure your program works.

    The next day, HOORAY! The program lets me log in! But, I can’t download the software because the order is still “processing.” What the hell? What is there to process? I see my card is charged, there is no physical anything, there is no reasonable explanation as to why there is a problem here. Just give me the damn download link! Freaking awesome- I so enjoy calling Best Buy customer support- it is always such a redeeming experience.

    I love calling a customer support line, explaining to the robot “thank you for calling, how can we help you today” voice why I am calling, having the robot repeat why I am calling indicating that it heard me correctly, then waiting on hold for ten minutes for the person that answers to spend 30 seconds with me before telling me I have the wrong department and need to transfer, triggering ANOTHER ten minute hold, and then ANOTHER ten minute hold.

    By this point I am completely done. I have no desire to spend any amount of time troubleshooting this, as I’ve now wasted one night I was supposed to be doing taxes, and several hours screwing around with trying to log in, download my software, and now on hold. THIS IS SIMPLE STUFF- I BOUGHT AND DOWNLOADED SOFTWARE FROM THE INTERNET IN 1995, AND IT TOOK MINUTES, EVEN THEN.

    I finally get a rep, tell her what happened, and that I have no interest in trying to fix the problem, I just need my money back for the software I can’t download. The rep tells me sure, that will be fine, I have processed this and YOU WILL SEE A REFUND WITHIN THE NEXT 120 DAYS. I kid you not, I was told that I would be waiting up to 1/3 of a year to get a refund for my software. Also, no confirmation stating I was entitled to a refund. I didn’t think I looked like that much of a moron, but I did try to buy something at Best buy, so maybe I am.

    When I explain that there is NO WAY IN HELL I am accepting waiting 120 days to get a refund on software that should have been downloaded within 5 minutes of purchase, I get to to go through another hour of transfer phone hell before getting to somebody that agreed to process a refund sooner (explaining that the 120 day thing was for software that showed as already downloaded), but that she couldn’t process a refund until the order showed as completed- so the same problem that kept me from getting the software in the first place now keeps me from getting my money back. Awesome, Best Buy. Well played.

    To her credit, 3 days later, without further effort from me, I got an e-mail from her confirming the charges were reversed, which left me free to never, ever have anything to do with Best Buy again.

    I purchased the tax software directly from the company that made it, and surprise! I paid with a credit card, got a download link, and downloaded it within minutes! Funny how that works!

    During this time, the $10 Best Buy gift card arrived. I threw it out. My time is worth something, and I am sure there would be some way that I would wrapped up in something that would take much more than $10 of my time to fix.

    Die Best Buy, Die. May yoru empty storefronts be filled with Microcenter and Fry’s locations, until they get corrupted into sucking as bad as you.

    • erinpac says:

      I ended up using that steam ripoff when I bought GW2 (since Amazon’s copy did not include the beta access). All it did for that game was download a pdf picture of an authentication key. Kind of pointless; that could have been emailed… though at least it worked.

  24. Bob A Dobalina says:

    Srsly, WHY would anyone shop at Bendover Buy? At this point, it’s like buying a Rolex watch from the guy behind the car wash. You get what you deserve.

    I cannot wait until I know longer have to see those big yellow tags. They cannot die fast enough

  25. AspieMBA says:

    “You’re going to need a bigger inventory…”

    I can’t believe I let myself post that.

  26. Jawaka says:

    What makes the Best Buy version special?

  27. StarKillerX says:

    It’s probably for the best, I mean the cashier would have wanted to hold it and possibly use it like a clipboard when they highlighted something on the reciept

  28. NotEd says:

    Wow, after reading the story I decided to order a copy for myself and they really are sold out everywhere nearby.

    Oh well, at least I still have my laserdisc set.

  29. Pickin Grinnin says:

    The manager should have given the customer a gift card for twice the price of the movie, in addition to a refund.

  30. ceril75 says:

    Exact thing just happened to me at Kmart 2 days ago for Darksiders 2 Collectors edition. MSRP 99.99 for the 360 version. It is sold out everywhere and is selling for 250+ on eBay. Wont shop at kmart again..

  31. jlayton394 says:

    Even if a Best Buy employee has a pre order, how can they get a pre release? That would mean they got it before the street date. Right? Thats illegal for any store to sell, even with a pre order.

  32. jlayton394 says:

    If the dvd industry really wanted to cash in, they would have exclusives for every retailer there is. Some collectors would buy at least one of each.

  33. jlayton394 says:

    If an employee did purchase a pre release, wouldn’t the cashier also be in trouble? It should be set up so no pre release could be rung up until the street date. When I lived in Tennessee the Kmart in my town would have some pre releases up to two weeks before the street date on the shelfs. I also have seen boxes at Target with dvds in them that would have the street date on them stating do not display until what ever the street date is.