Southwest Airlines Pilot's Tiff With TSA Agent Escalates Until Cops Make Everyone Chill Out

No, you aren’t the only one who gets annoyed with the Transportation Security Administration (in fact, 81% of those who responded to our recent poll aren’t fans) — even pilots get fed up from time to time, including one of Southwest Airlines’ very own who was so peeved at a “condescending” agent at New Hampshire’s Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, cops had to be called to cool the whole situation down.

The pilot complained that he’d had difficulty in the past and was so upset last Friday by something during the security screening process, that he asked for a TSA supervisor. The supervisor proved to be just more fuel to the fire, reports the Union Leader.

“He felt that the supervisor was condescending and patronizing. He wanted the supervisor’s name but he refused to give it,” an airport police officer said. Things escalated from there when a TSA official touched the pilot’s arm. The enraged pilot warned the man not to touch him and threatened to call the police.

Once the cops were called, things seemed to cool down, but the pilot said he still wanted to press criminal charges against the TSA officer.

A TSA spokeswoman says the agency is aware of the kerfuffle, saying in a statement that it’s leaving things to the police to sort out for now:

“A preliminary review of the situation indicates that the officer followed proper screening protocol. We’ll await the Londonderry Police Department’s findings as well.”

Unlike other airport confrontations, this one was quiet enough to not even attract any witnesses, so surveillance footage will be used to try and determine exactly what went down.

*Thanks for the heads up, H.G.!

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