Six Flags Superman Roller Coaster Apparently Cursed By Kryptonite, Gets Stuck Yet Again

After shutting down and stranding passengers for about two hours, it took almost week for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif. to tinker around with its Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster and get it back in operation. There must not have been enough tinkering going on, however, as the ride stalled again shortly after reopening yesterday.

The coaster had been cleared by safety inspectors after the previous incident and was going through its usual routine early on Sunday, a park spokeswoman told CBS San Francisco, before it stopped in its tracks with passengers stuck in their seats.

Unlike last week’s incident, this time passengers were escorted quickly from the ride. They were given passes to skip to the front of the line — a line that may or may not have gotten considerably shorter after parkgoers realized it had gotten stuck yet again.

We can imagine it now…

“Hey, since we just got stuck on that ride, whaddya say we jump back in line and see if we can get stuck again? Here’s to hoping!”

Officials believe the problem has been related to a computer glitch both times. Or maaaaybe someone put kryptonite on the tracks! That’s gotta be it.

Six Flags Roller Coaster Reopens, Strands Passengers Again In Vallejo [CBS San Francisco]

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