McDonald's Equates Support For Team USA With Chowing Down On Egg McMuffins

Did you know that in addition to an angel getting its wings every time a child sings, an American Olympic athlete gets a boost every time you eat a McDonald’s breakfast? While we won’t presume to know anything about angels, we’re pretty sure the latter isn’t true. That hasn’t stopped one McDonald’s franchise from linking support for Team USA to eating Egg McMuffins.

Consumerist reader Mike D. snapped this pic of his local McDonald’s and submitted it using our mobile tipster app. His take on it? “Well, that is America…” Yes! Americans like eating, and we like to win at the Olympics. The two must be connected.

McDonald’s, along with Coca-Cola, is one of the Olympic’s main sponsors and as such, is apparently set on reminding everyone of that tie as often as it can.

We’re not quite sure how eating a breakfast sandwich in America will instantly convey a sense of support, cheer and general “go get’em!” to athletes in London, but you’re free to eat a McMuffin and feel like you’ve done your patriotic duty. Or just continue to cheer in your own way — or hey, not at all! We’re not the boss of you.

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