If You Steal A Bike From The Store, Don't Go Back Right Away To Buy A Lock

They say that crime doesn’t pay. But we have a feeling that this is mostly due to the fact that a lot of criminals happen to be really stupid people.

To back this theory up, CBS Boston has the story of a man who was not only caught on video camera walking out of an area bike store with a $600 bicycle he didn’t pay for, but who also thought he could get away with coming back only a couple hours later to buy a lock for his loot.

After the initial bike theft, store employees contacted police and showed them all the video evidence showing the man absconding with the hot wheels.

Then the same dude — but in a different shirt, because that is really going to throw off the scent — walked back in two hours later.

“I said, ‘Can help you?'” one store staffer tells CBS. “And he said, ‘I’m looking for the locks’.”

Sensing that maybe the shirt change had not sufficiently hidden his identity — we would have suggested a fake goatee — the man took off running down the street.

“He’s either very bold or very stupid,” says one employee. We’ll point out that these two characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

We should also add “fast” to that list, because, even with both store staffers and police in pursuit, the man was able to slip away.

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